Cops Uncover Lamar Odom Overdose Photos!

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Here is Lamar Odom — unconscious and sprawled on his bed in a Nevada brothel after a massive heroin-and-cocaine “speedball” overdose left him at death’s door!

In a sensational world exclusive, The National ENQUIRER has obtained — and turned over to cops — a series of shocking photos snapped in the hours before workers at the legal Nevada sex den discovered Lamar’s lifeless body and desperately called 911.

The images show the tragic end result of the 35-year-old former NBA star’s $75,000 binge on drugs, booze and hookers at the Las Vegas area brothel Love Ranch South, owned by HBO “Cathouse” star Dennis Hof.

A source told The ENQUIRER the pictures were snapped in the early morning hours of Oct. 13, and show the “undisturbed crime scene” inside Lamar’s VIP suite — littered with drug paraphernalia and sex tools — before paramedics arrived.

Triumph & Disaster: The Complicated History Of Lamar Odom

At press time, Lamar was hospitalized in critical condition, clinging to life with estranged wife Khloé Kardashian at his side.

He was on life support and while knowledgeable sources said he’d already been declared “brain dead,” he’d begun to show hopeful signs of emerging from his coma. But behind the scenes, a “dirty drug cover-up” was playing out, informants told The ENQUIRER.

Top legal expert and New York–based criminal defense attorney Javier Solano said: “The images turned over to police by The ENQUIRER contain vital evidence for investigators trying to determine exactly what happened to Lamar Odom inside the brothel, and whether there was any criminal activity or civil liability.”

In one photo, the former Los Angeles Laker was “slumped in a chair” in his suite the night before he was found unresponsive, bloody and foaming at the mouth. “Lamar had been injected with a speedball -— the same heroin-and-cocaine drug cocktail that killed Hollywood stars John Belushi, River Phoenix and Chris Farley,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

The ENQUIRER learned Lamar had a “grapefruit-sized” bruise on his pelvis — a tell-tale sign of a drug user’s injection. Other photos show him unconscious with bright lights glaring in the room, and a critical piece of evidence next to the nightstand.

The ENQUIRER learned that an associate of Lamar’s — whose name we are withholding — rushed to the brothel within hours of the life-and-death emergency, in a frantic attempt to remove a pink and black duffel bag seen in one photo.

When asked by an ENQUIRER reporter Oct. 16 what he did with the bag’s contents, he said: “I’m not even going to entertain answering that!” Hof told The ENQUIRER that Lamar admitted abusing drugs before he arrived on Saturday, Oct. 10.

“He told me he’d done some coke, but claimed he didn’t bring because he knows drugs are banned here,” Hof said. “I wanted to take him at his word, but I know drug addicts lie!” Lamar dropped $75,000 to party “24/7” with two blonde hookers — Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe — for a planned five-day stay.

“But we never had sex with Lamar – not once!” Ryder told The ENQUIRER in an exclusive interview. “He didn’t even kiss us or touch us the entire time!”

In what could become vital to the law enforcement probe, Ryder admitted on Lamar’s first night at the brothel she provided him with “edibles” marijuana! During his stay, the 6-foot-10, 230-pound athlete also boozed and also consumed at least a dozen herbal Viagra-like tablets — sex-enhancement supplements called “Reload,” which are banned by the FDA because they dangerously interact with other drugs.

Ryder confessed how Lamar was depressed, saying how “deeply in love he still was with Khloe.” At the time, she suspected he was using cocaine.

“I heard snorting sounds when he was in the bathroom. It definitely sounded like he was doing coke,” she told The ENQUIRER.

Another source said Lamar “must have wanted to kill himself” because he foolishly shot himself up with a killer speedball!

“Either he did it or someone came in wanting to see him dead and shot him up,” the source told The ENQUIRER.

Ryder said when Lamar was discovered around 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 13, “It was just horrible. Blood was coming out of him. He wouldn’t wake up. I even tried to ice his genitals. Someone said that might revive him, but it didn’t!”