MICHAEL JACKSON’s disgraced doctor fears he’ll never come out of jail alive!

Now that he’s been convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of the eccentric superstar, Dr. Conrad Murray is terrified the King of Pop’s fans in prison could target him for revenge, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

“Conrad Murray is a marked man, and he knows it,” a source close to Murray’s legal team disclosed.

“He has been found guilty of causing the death of one of the greatest and most popular performers in his­tory. No wonder he’s worried.”

Hundreds of Jackson fans out­side the Los Angeles County courthouse cheered when Con­rad’s guilty verdict was read on Nov. 7. Although he potentially faces up to four years in prison, his lawyers intend to plead for leniency at his Nov. 29 sentenc­ing.

Lead attorney Ed Chernoff plans to ask Judge Michael Pas­tor to allow Murray, 58, to be fit­ted with a tracking device ankle bracelet and serve house arrest in lieu of prison time.

Meantime, the frightened phy­sician was kept segregated from other prisoners after being cuffed and led off to Los Angeles County Jail following the trial. And insid­ers say he will find little sympathy inside the institution’s walls.

“If the judge won’t allow him to stay out of jail, it is likely that Murray will spend most of his sentence in solitary for his own safety,” noted the source. “The horrors of what lies ahead have him petrified.”

Even if he does receive the maximum sentence, Michael’s distraught family doesn’t think it’s enough of a punishment for the death of the 50-year-old icon, said the source. Still, the convic­tion brought at least some com­fort to Michael’s ailing mother, Katherine.

“My beautiful son can rest easy in heaven now,” the beloved 81- year-old matriarch told a close pal. “A weight has been lifted from my heart.”

Although the Jackson family discouraged her from going to the courthouse after she nearly col­lapsed, Katherine insisted on see­ing the case through to the end.

A family insider said: “Kather­ine’s health is very fragile, but she was determined to stay strong and fight through the pain until she saw justice for Michael.”