Mid-Life Meltdown!

Crumbling Conan Getting Makeover!

Coming out of Team Coco huddle with new look!

conan obrien makeover teeth hair
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Conan O’Brien is getting a midlife makeover to save his career!

The TBS talk show is on hiatus — and will be slashed from 60 minutes to 30 when it returns in January!

“Conan’s show isn’t pulling numbers, and cutting it in half isn’t exactly a vote of confidence,” a TV insider told The National ENQUIRER.

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“Network bosses want him to get more with the times — and that includes updating his image.”

RadarOnline reported that the TBS comic “is not comfortable being the oldest guy in the late night business, which after 25 years on the air is exactly where he finds himself.”

“The pressure to shorten and spice up his show from the network has been relentless,” the source told Radar, “and Conan has responded by overhauling his appearance, his hair, his teeth and his wardrobe.”

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Added an insider: “Conan has turned to his wife and kids to modernize his look!

“Hopefully, new clothes and a haircut will help him get back on top!”