The NATIONAL ENQUIRER exclusively reveals the woman who broke Bill’s cheatin’ heart. 

Meet Julie Tauber McMahon!

Bill’s ex- mistress  is 48-year-old Julie Tauber McMahon, the daughter of Michigan millionaire Joel Tauber, a top Democratic Party contributor during Clinton’s presidency and a personal friend of the Clinton family.

McMahon lives in Chappaqua, New York. – the very same town where the Clintons bought a home after leaving the White House.

Their houses are just five miles apart – just far and fast enough for some bedside commuting!

Finally, Julie finally dumped the ex-Prez, breaking his heart and unleashing his libido!

So, while Senator Hillary Clinton attempted to make history to become the Democratic nom for President Bill repeated history — as a serial cheater!

In a world exclusive cover story this week, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER exclusively reports that Bill’s cheating spree occurred after his super-rich mistress broke off their affair.

Devastated over being dumped, and incapable of staying faithful, Bill cheated non-stop on Hillary while she campaigned and the details are in this week’s print edition of the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

Details of their years-long affair and why Julie dumped Bill appear ONLY IN THIS WEEK’S NATIONAL ENQUIRER!