Clint Eastwood Flipping Out Over Ex-Wife’s Marriage Plans

Clint eastwood short

Just a year after her divorce was finalized, Dina Eastwood is set to marry her hunky former high school sweetheart — and ex-hubby Clint Eastwood is furious, sources told The ENQUIRER!

Clint’s 50-year-old ex hooked up with her new beau, former University of Hawaii basketball coach Scott Fisher, 52, after her 17-year marriage crashed in 2013.

“Dina is more in love than ever with Scott, and Clint isn’t happy about it,” a pal revealed.

“Clint has got to be jealous! Scott is taller, better looking and younger.”

Scott may even be settling an old score with Dirty Harry — since Clint, 85, briefly dated Scott’s ex-wife, Erica Tomlinson-Fisher, in 2013!

Friends think Dina is already looking to walk down the aisle in 2016, which sure won’t make Clint’s day!