China Spies Infiltrate Queen’s Inner Circle!

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, Britain - 03 Nov 2009

A Sinister Chinese spy ring secretly wormed its way into Queen Elizabeth’s inner circle and ruthlessly obtained scandalous blackmail information that could bring down the monarchy, say intelligence sources.

Palace sources tell The National ENQUIRER the ruthless Beijing spies have been unmasked by British agents — and deported — but not before they compromised the royal family by using bribes and sex to steal crucial state secrets and learn about bad behavior they could use for extortion!

Prince Andrew and the queen’s late husband, Philip, were key targets of Chinese moles determined to bring down the monarchy, the sources say.

Now, discovery of the devious scheme has thrown the palace into “chaos,” reveals a high-level royal courtier.

“The evil spies apparently used bribes and sex to gain access to royal staffers — and the family itself! Senior officials are terrified the agents amassed enough ammunition to twist royal wrists and influence official policy!”

The spy scandal exploded after MI5, the British intelligence agency, revealed Chinese secret agents who tried to “corrupt and coerce” British politicians and infiltrate Parliament also wormed their way into FaithInvest, a charity set up by Prince Philip with co-founder Martin Palmer in 1995.

Supposedly working through the China Taoist Association that had teamed up with FaithInvest, the agents were actually controlled by Beijing’s United Front Work Department (UFWD), known for ruthless intelligence and foreign sabotage activities.

“Their focus was to meet Prince Philip, worm their way into the royals’ inner circle and buy influence,” says the palace insider. “They last met at Windsor Castle in 2017.”

“They also met Philip several times through the Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) — a separate charity he also co-founded with Palmer.”

“Philip, who died last April, would be horrified that he was caught in a Communist spy ring — and didn’t recognize it.”

His disgraced son Andrew, 61, who just settled a civil case accusing him of  raping 17-year-old Jeffrey Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts Giuffre, was also in Chinese crosshairs.

The Duke of York made no fewer than eight trips to the country between 2010 and 2019 as a guest of the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA), another organization accused of being a puppet of the UFWD.

Prince Andrew is a classic ‘useful idiot’ [who] seemingly allows himself to be used,” charges Mareike Ohlberg, co-author of Hidden Hand, which details the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to influence opinion overseas.

Blasts a second palace source: “Andrew has a lot of explaining to do. He brazenly made trips to China, supposedly to promote closer China-U.K. cooperation, even after losing his British envoy role over his friendship with billionaire pedophile Epstein.”

“Despite shocking reports of China’s crackdowns on pro-democracy campaigners, Andrew shamelessly unveiled the multiple-language editions of President Xi Jinping’s propaganda book, The Governance of China” at a 2018 London event.

In December 2020, after the queen banned him from royal duties over the Epstein scandal, “he wrote to CPIFA to apologize for not being able to visit,” says the second source.

“This is more of Andrew’s self-absorbed ‘I’ll do what I want’ attitude that’s got him in so much trouble.”

“The big question is did he help bring the Chinese into the palace to meet his father and open royal doors to ruthless spies?”

The scandal has horrified 95-year-old Queen Elizabeth and her heirs Prince Charles and Prince William, who are furious and mortified. But both worry about Her Majesty’s survival, sources say.

“As she faces her final days, everything she has worked for could be destroyed,” says the courtier.

“Her historic 70-year reign is to be celebrated with national festivities this year, but it’s being overshadowed by family scandals and this unprecedented spy plot.”

“Despite Andrew’s denials, she’s already reeling from the rape lawsuit that forced her to strip him of his military titles and royal patronages.”

“And she’s had to endure bitter attacks on the family from grandson Prince Harry and his diva wife, Meghan, after they quit royal duties.”

“Now Chinese spies have infiltrated her inner circle.

“I don’t know how much more she can take.”