Cher’s Brain Trauma Drama

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Stressed-out Cher may still look like she’s “Turned Back Time” — but a renewed bout with crippling migraine headaches is just the latest health nightmare making the 75-year-old songbird feel her age, say sources.

“Cher has had migraines since she was a kid and thought she had them in control, but they’re back and causing her grief,” confides an insider. “The pain is really intense, and when they hit she can’t do anything but stay in bed.”

Despite undergoing numerous cosmetic procedures and regularly dyeing her trademark jet-black locks to look far younger than her years, the source says pressures from performing, charity work and family issues are taking a dangerous toll on the “Believe” singer’s health.

The reemergence of her head-knocking migraines is just the latest problem.

“Stress is a definite factor,” notes the insider. “She’s throwing herself into global politics and spending hours on the phone every day talking to leaders around the world while fighting to save her precious elephants and keep all her charities going.”

On top of that, sources say the diva is losing sleep over worries for her ailing 95-year-old mom, Georgia Holt, and two children, who have both battled their own demons. Chaz Bono, 53, struggled with gender identity issues before transitioning into a male. And Elijah Blue Allman, 45, has fought drug problems like his late father, musician Gregg.

“Cher is stressing out over her mom and kids always, and she’s up all night and straining her eyes reading up on everything,” reveals the insider.

As The National ENQUIRER previously reported, Cher has endured several serious health issues — and they now seem to be getting more frequent.

She has reportedly been suffering with the chronic energy-zapping Epstein-Barr virus since the 1980s. It’s an insidious infection that goes dormant but can resurface at any time.

Late in 2016, a viral infection landed Cher in intensive care wearing a heart monitor, and just a few months later she had to cancel a couple of Las Vegas shows due to what she called a “rotten flu.”

She has also been dealing with some serious dental issues.

“Her teeth have been giving her so much grief in the past few years,” says the insider. “And now you add in these horrible headaches that sometimes leave her lying in bed with the blinds closed for days at a time. It’s awful.”

“Everyone is worried about her, but she can’t seem to slow down. She’s micromanaging and doesn’t drink enough water — and her dental issues are still a monster pain in her mouth!”