Cher Won’t Give in to Old Age!

Cher Won’t Give in to Old Age!
Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock

Turns out Cher CAN turn back time — and vows to keep doing it until the end of her days!

The 75-year-old Oscar winner and music icon refuses to let her locks look anything but jet black, because she insists going gray “is fine for other girls — I’m just not doing it!”

Hair dye is only one weapon in Cher’s fountain-of-youth arsenal. The Believe singer has openly admitted to a wide array of cosmetic procedures to preserve her seemingly ageless looks.

“Cher has had pretty much everything done,” said an insider close to the “If I Could Turn Back Time” legend.

Doctors consulted by The National ENQUIRER observed the showbiz legend has had everything from a nose job and facelift to fillers and Botox.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Yoel Shahar told The ENQUIRER it’s “obvious” she “also underwent a neck lift to achieve a smooth jawline and neck.”

And though Cher struggled with life-threatening health issues when a viral bug wreaked havoc with her heart and kidneys and left her in intensive care in 2017, sources said she has no plans to give in to age anytime soon.

“Whether it’s something as small as gray hair or getting extensive cosmetic procedures, Cher isn’t about to give an INCH to Father Time,” spilled a source.

“You’d better believe she’ll go out kicking and screaming!”