Cher Adopting Twins at 75!

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Carolyn Kaster/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Sensitive songbird Cher, who made headlines by rescuing the world’s loneliest elephant, is on a new crusade — insiders say the bighearted superstar wants to adopt two orphans at age 75!

Sources tell the National ENQUIRER Cher’s already reached out to organizations specializing in placing refugee children from war-torn Ukraine and regions ravaged by famine and disease.

“She can’t sit by and watch,” spills an insider. “She has a huge house in Malibu and the means to give these kids everything they need, from practical things to hugs and compassion. Suddenly, everything in life that was giving her stress doesn’t matter so much!”

As the National ENQUIRER previously reported, sources say Cher’s sex-swapping son, Chaz Bono, 53, recently threw her a curveball when he banned his mom from meddling in his wedding to Shara Blue Mathes. Her other son, Elijah Blue Allman, 45, has been giving her the cold shoulder, too, say spies!

“She’s not as close to her own kids as she’d like, so she thinks this would be a way to give back to people who really need it,” tattles the insider. “She’d adopt in a minute, or foster at the very least. Her friends wonder if she’s taking on too much — but Cher has the sass and willpower of someone a third her age!”

Sources snitch the idea to adopt formed last month after Cher tweeted: “I would like to sponsor Ukrainian families in my home.”

Adds the insider: “Of course, there’s lots of red tape, but if anyone can make it happen, Cher can — she almost single-handedly got Kaavan the elephant relocated from solitary confinement in a Pakistan zoo to the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary 3,200 miles away!”