Chaz Bono wants to marry a leggy Australian drag queen, insiders say, and it’s sent his superstar mom Cher over the edge!

“Cher is having a full-blown meltdown,” a source told The EnQUIRER. “She finally accepted Chaz’s gender change, but now she’s terrified that he’ll end up worse off.”

The object of Chaz’s affection is Shane Jenek, a 33-year-old better known by his drag queen stage name, Courtney Act.

Jenek shot to fame as a semifinalist on “Australian Idol” in 2003 and has since built a career as a pop singer and entertainer.

Chaz, 45, met Jenek while serving as guest judge on the reality TV show “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” where Jenek was competing as Courtney, and “Out Magazine” columnist Michael Musto noted in a recent interview that Chaz seemed “hot” for Courtney on the show, and Courtney agreed.

“Chaz was quite beguiled,” the 5-foot-9 Down Under entertainer noted. “That was the first time we met, but we’ve gone on to become good friends.”

The two discuss transgender issues and have been watching classic American movies together. “He’s been educating me on some great American cinema that I’ve missed out on, being Australian,” Courtney said in the interview.

“We watched ‘The Godfather.’ I’m ashamed to admit I’d not seen ‘Victor/Victoria.’ ”

Revealed the source: “Chaz is taking the relationship seriously. He wants to marry Courtney, and he thinks Courtney will agree.”

The two were photographed together in November at the wrap party for Season 17 of “Dancing with the Stars.” Chaz also performed in Courtney’s “Boys Like Me” stage show in Australia.

“Chaz hasn’t had much luck finding love with a woman, but he seems to have had no problem developing a close relationship with Courtney,” said the source. “And that’s driving Cher around the bend.”

As the ENQUIRER has reported, even though 5-foot-5 1/2 Chaz slimmed down from a whopping 250 pounds to a muscular 180 pounds, his last serious relationship – with his onetime fiancee Jennifer Elia – ended in 2011.

Chaz also had female lovers when he was still a woman named Chastity.

But after Cher finally accepted her transgender son’s love of women, his relationship with Courtney – a man – may be hard for Cher to swallow, says an expert. “I can see why this affair can terrify Cher,” Dr. Judy Kuriansky, a new York-based psychologist and certified sex therapist who specializes in transgender issues but has not treated Chaz or Cher, told The ENQUIRER.

“As a mother, Cher is worried about Chaz’s future. She’s thinking, ‘What’s going to happen to him? Is he in danger with this liaison?’ ”

Ironically, with her over-the-top stage getups, Cher has made her fortune thanks to gays, transgender individuals and drag queens.

“Knowing his mother’s popularity with drag queens, Chaz may subconsciously be trying to win his mother’s approval through his relationship with Courtney,” suggested Dr. Kuriansky. “Cher needs to understand that this is part of Chaz’s gender identity journey. Cher also needs to understand that all Chaz wants is her unconditional love.”