CHAZ BONO, the trans/man in the promised land of DWTS, dares to bare  – yet his plastic surgeon goofed, says expert.

Chaz is now proudly embracing his newfound masculinity – finally confident enough to go shirtless in public as a barrel-chested man.

“At last I’m finally free to be me!” de­clared “Dancing with the Stars” competitor Chaz after undergoing gender-reassignment surgery in 2009.

But it wasn’t until recently that the 42-year-old performer revealed the result of his radical mas­tectomy – the masculine physique he desperately desired for years.

Chaz – born Chastity to superstars Cher and Sonny Bono – now appears entirely comfortable with the results of his transformation.

“At long last, Chaz finally feels happy in his own skin,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “He has never felt more at peace.”

But the operation left a clearly visible scar under the star’s breasts. And one expert sees another prob­lem.

Dr. Harold Reed, a leading Miami-based surgeon specializing in transgender operations, who did not treat Chaz, said: “It appears to me Chaz’s doctor did not leave enough breast tissue in the chest to give him a more symmet­rical look.

“He’s quite heavy and his breasts now appear too flat for his body.”

Before the $10,000 surgery, the gay ac­tivist underwent extensive emotional and hormone therapy. The latter included doses of testosterone, which Chaz said “felt like a chemical my body didn’t have that it needed.”

Six months later, Chaz underwent the three-hour breast removal and sculpting of his male chest.

As soon as he awakenedafter the mastectomy, a source said the tattooed performer turned to his fiancée Jennifer Elia with tears in his eyes and told her how he finally felt “free.”

Dr. Reed studied The ENQUIRER’s pictures of a shirt­less Chaz and said it appears the 5-foot-5 star – who weighed a hefty 270 pounds before  DWTS – “was ini­tially a C or D cup.” According  to Dr. Reed’s analysis, the surgeon began by removing the nipples and preserving them in saline solution.Following that, the surgeon then made an incision under the breasts and removed the breast tissue. Then the skin was pulled back over the area and the incision was sewn closed.At that point, the nipples were grafted back onto the chest.

“Chaz couldn’t be happier with the results,” disclosed the insider.

And now Chaz is pondering the next big step.

“He’s contemplating cosmetically transform(ing) his female genitals to male,” divulged the insider.