The National ENQUIRER placed a call to Hollywood publicist Howard Bragman on Thursday asking for his comment on an exclusive story the magazine was about to break. An ENQUIRER reporter told Bragman that The ENQUIRER was about to publish a story that his client Chastity Bono was in the process of becoming a man.

Howard wouldn’t comment to the ENQUIRER. Then, magically minutes later, a statement from Howard, confirming our story, appeared on a competitor’s Web site.

So in the interest of full disclosure, Howard, doesn’t the public have the right to know that you were shopping the story and asking for more than $100,000?!

Now, we don’t know if you ended up giving it away for free, Howard, but we DO KNOW that months ago you approached more than one outlet with this story and asking for a six figure deal.

Hey, aren’t you the guy we always see as a Talking Head on TV complaining about paying money for stories and attacking certain media outlets? We’re just asking…

No one has said if Howard was going to get this money, or perhaps a percentage of it from his client.

And we didn’t ask Howard. Because this time we decided not to call him.