Mike Walker

Charlize Theron’s Obsession For Perfect Feet

Actress takes good care of her sweet-looking soles!

Charlize Theron
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Mike Walker reports … If you’re a foot fetish aficionado, this’ll tickle your tootsies pink!

“Atomic Blonde” bombshell Charlize Theron just bared her soul about her perfect, petal-soft pink soles — bragging to babe pals about how she’s constantly scrubbing/rub-a-dub-dubbing her footsie bottoms to keep them in tip-top shape!

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Said My Charlize SoleMate: “Charlize has a fetish about her beautiful but biggish 9½ stompers, always keeping them immaculately clean and thoroughly moisturized — especially before going to bed!

Charlize blabbed this curious explanation about her hoof-fetish to an inquisitive reporter, whining, “‘I just can’t stand dirty, dry feet! So if you want to torture me … tie me in a chair, dirty up my feet real good — and then TOUCH ’EM!’”