With tragic break-ups in the past for both, CHARLIZE THERON  find new love with old pal  KEANU REEVES.

After her eight-year relationship with handsome actor Stuart Townsend crumbled in January, the Oscar winner turned to Keanu for comfort. And The Devil’s Advocate co-stars quickly realized there was something more than friendship between them.

"Charlize and Keanu make a great couple, and everyone is thrilled at the turn of events," revealed a close source.

On May 3, Hollywood’s hottest new couple was spotted in a sexy embrace outside Beverly Hills’ Bouchon Bistro following a cozy dinner.

A romance between the one-time on-screen lovers was inevitable, says the source. The two have always relied on one another for support through difficult times.

The Matrix star, 45, was one of the first friends to rush to 34-year-old Charlize’s side after her shattering breakup.

"Keanu kept Charlize’s spirits high with his goofy sense of humor and low-key, easy-to-love manner," said the source. "He makes her laugh, which was just what the doctor ordered for her broken heart."

Charlize has played the role of supportive friend for Keanu in the past. The two starred together in the romantic melodrama Sweet November in 2001 when Keanu was in the midst of an emotional crisis.

Right before he signed on to the film, his then-girlfriend Jennifer Syme delivered a stillborn baby daughter, whom they had named Ava.

She and Keanu broke up shortly afterward.

"It was a very difficult time in his life, but Charlize really helped him get through it," said the source.

Tragedy struck again on April 2, 2001, when Jennifer, who was being treated for depression, died after crashing her Jeep.

Keanu was devastated by the loss.

"Again, Charlize was right there for Keanu during a rough time in his life, and he never forgot it," said the source.

"So, as she suffered through the breakup with Stuart, Keanu stepped in. Now Charlize and Keanu couldn’t be happier."