Out Of Control!

Charlie Sheen Spiraling Towards Drug-Crazed Suicide

'Death Wish' as former star goes on deranged rants!

charlie sheen drunk suicide concerns

Unhinged and under audit, Charlie Sheen is looking for a crack cocaine–fueled exit off this earth and into the hellfire he’s long stoked!

“Charlie is unraveling!” an insider close to the HIV-positive scuzzball told The National ENQUIRER. “He has a suicide death wish — and he doesn’t have long!”

The 51-year-old actor’s last few weeks have been a trainwreck even by his inflated standards of mayhem.

On Dec. 27, Charlie insulted an entire community by donning a bearded Orthodox Jewish costume and wishing everyone a “Happy fourth night of Hanukkah.”

Charlie Sheen Confesses: Didn’t Tell ’25’ Lovers He’s HIV Positive

Three days later, he begged Sen. Ted Cruz to be his running mate in the 2020 presidential election, saying: “You bring the AWESOME, I’ll bring the WINNING!!”

Then, weeks later, he blasted former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani as a “fermented DESPOT worshiping clown-fart.”

The ENQUIRER also learned the IRS is probing the secret slush fund Charlie used to bankroll a conga line of hookers and drug peddlers.

And in an Australian radio interview, the sicko attacked ENQUIRER Editor-in-Chief Dylan Howard, who directed the investigation outing the actor as HIV positive.

“Hey, Dylan!” Charlie spat. “If you’re listening, yeah, motherf–ker you are on my radar! Douche, douche!”