Charlie Sheen HIV Status: The $10 Million Cover-Up


Charlie Sheen is HIV Positive—as revealed by The National ENQUIRER in a blockbuster world exclusive!

The upcoming issue — available on newsstands this Wednesday, Nov. 18—will also expose how Sheen spent millions to keep the innocent women of Hollywood from learning his sexual secret!

“He was playing Russian roulette with their lives!” said one insider.

The ENQUIRER will be revealing how Sheen, now 50 years old, made multiple payoffs to women who were exposed to the HIV virus after he engaged in unprotected sex with his unsuspecting victims!

A source reported of one of Sheen’s conquests: “Now she’s married, and she and her husband are living off Charlie!”

The ENQUIRER will also expose the number of Sheen’s victims that have kept him buying their silence with cash, property and even jobs in showbiz!

Add them all up, and the cost of Sheen’s secrecy could exceed $10 million!

It’s a tragic look into the consequences of Sheen’s bizarre compulsions—after he casually dismissed his wild sex life as “always a roll of the dice!”