Porn Star Ginger Lynn Allen: “I Still Love Charlie — And Don’t Have HIV!”


Charlie Sheen has one porn star in his corner—veteran actress Ginger Lynn Allen, who caused a scandal by dating the hot young movie star in 1990!

“I’ve loved many times, but I’ve only been ‘in love’ twice,” Ginger wrote on her website today.

“My first love was with one of the most amazing men I’ve ever known…Charlie Sheen.”

Ginger, now 52 years old, added that she has the “utmost respect” for Sheen’s interview on “Today.”

Sheen did the “Today” interview in the wake of The ENQUIRER’s upcoming world exclusive that the notorious Hollywood ladies’ man has been secretly carrying the deadly HIV virus for at least four years.

Over the course of her two-year relationship with Sheen, Ginger began using her full name and began to pursue a mainstream career—including a role in the 1990 western “Young Guns II,” starring Sheen and his brother Emilio Estevez.

Ginger defended Sheen during their initial relationship over charges the volatile young star was abusive, and still seems smitten by her movie-star lover.

“The Charlie I knew was kind, warm, loving, funny, intelligent and generous,” she wrote.

“I wish everyone could know that man.”

Ginger has been retired from porn since filming “Sex Starved MILFs 2” in 2011.

She still took the opportunity to reassure her costars that she isn’t one of the many women who’ve been sexually betrayed by her ex-lover’s sexual secret—as detailed in The ENQUIRER’s upcoming blockbuster article.

Ginger wrote: “Now, for those of you in the press for whom math seems to be a bit of a challenge, Charlie and I were together 25 years ago.

“According to Charlie himself, he received this awful HIV diagnosis about four years ago.

“Just to be perfectly clear, today I am healthy and happy.”