HIV Positive Charlie Sheen Pursued Women, Men & Transsexuals


Charlie Sheen kept his HIV Positive status a secret while bedding both women and men—plus transsexuals!

The National ENQUIRER hits the stands tomorrow with an issue that reveals the shocking details about Sheen keeping his deadly HIV Positive status a secret from his lovers!

Radar Online now has the mind-blowing details behind the kinks that made the HIV Positive superstar a triple threat when it came to seducing all kinds of people while hiding his sexual secret!

“It’s more twisted than anyone knows or has suspected,” a source told Radar, as the site reveals accusations about the wild sexual practices of both Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller.

Radar has also spoken to the lawyers who secretly settled threatened lawsuits by many of Sheen’s heartbroken sexual partners—as The ENQUIRER’s upcoming issue reveals how Sheen was dodging the truth while insisting in his “Today” interview that he had always been honest with his sexual partners!

“It’s crazy!” a source told Radar—and they have the whole bizarre story!