Charlie Sheen: How The HIV Positive Star Kept His Ex-Wives Silent


Charlie Sheen shared his HIV Positive secret with ex-wives Denise Richards and Brook Mueller—who stayed silent even as he smeared them!

Radar Online has the shocking report on how Sheen used insults and threats to keep them quiet about about his deadly sexually-transmitted virus!

Sheen first informed Denise and Brooke when he was diagnosed with HIV, four years before The ENQUIRER would expose the secrets of his irresponsible sex life in a blockbuster world exclusive!

Radar has the inside story from sources revealing how the “fantastic moms” kept their silence for the sake of their kids—even as a rampaging Sheen called Denise “a heretic washed-up piglet shame pile,” and Brooke a “chubby weirdo!”

It’s a harrowing tale of Sheen’s selfish behavior from Radar—and a disturbing reminder of how The ENQUIRER’s sources were daring to risk Sheen’s own wrath as they came forward to reveal his deadly sexual deceptions!