You’d never guess it from some of the movies that Hollywood makes — but there are people of faith in TinselTown.

While some top stars have doubts about a supreme being, many are spiritual and some are downright religious.

In author Ray Comfort’s compelling new book, “What Hollywood Believes: An Intimate Look at the Faith of the Famous,” (Genesis Publishing Group) celebrities explained their feelings about God and faith.

Nick Nolte
“I have difficulty with God and with beliefs. You have to question, if God created man in his image, what kind of image is God?”

Whitney Houston
“I was raised as a Baptist. I’m still a Baptist. But I just totally depend on God. I just have faith.”

Dan Aykroyd
“I’m not what you would call a fervent practicing Catholic, but I do slip in the back door of a church a couple of times a year.”

Britney Spears
“My family, my God and my boyfriend (now husband): that’s my life. I don’t want to be scared. I can’t walk on pins and needles. So I just have to pray. I just have to pray every night.”

Martin Sheen
I never lost my faith . . . But like all modern Catholics, I felt for a time that I had outgrown the church. Now it is a bone of contention in my soul that I did not share my faith with my kids, as my parents did with me. It was a source of grace when I needed it. I have been greatly nurtured and inspired by my faith.”

Denzel Washington
“There’s no doubt about it . . . I have felt the hand of God throughout my life. Yes, I believe in God and the Bible.”

Jim Carrey
“We’ve always tried to humanize him in some way. He’s probably just a shaft of light in a doorway or something like that. I’ve always been big about faith. Everything in my life has happened for a good reason. Generally, when I’m on the beam, man, it’s like the blessings just come one after another, like rain. It’s unbelievable.”

Pamela Anderson
“I believe in God. I definitely believe that he is the reason that I’ve gotten through everything that I have. And I go to church. My kids go to Sunday school. And it’s definitely a part of my life.”

Katie Couric
“I was raised a Presbyterian. I think my faith has been tested. For a period, I was really angry. But I’m coming back to the fold. I go to church, which gives me a moment to be contemplative and take stock. I admire people who have a deep, abiding faith.”

Ben Affleck
“I have my own spirituality, which is of Western Christian spirituality, that is very effective for me.”

Jack Nicholson
“I don’t believe in God now. I can still work up an envy for someone who has faith. I can see how that would be a deeply soothing experience.”

Halle Berry
“I know there is a God — the God within me that’s always present and will protect me. I meditate and pray all the time. The faith and respect that I have in the power of God in my life is what I’ve used to keep myself grounded, and it has allowed me to move away from the storms that were in my life.”

Mel Gibson
“I had always believed in God, that he existed. But in my middle years, I kind of drifted, and other things took center stage. At that point, I realized I needed something more if I was going to survive.”

“The only thing that matters is the state of our soul, and that’s very hard because I’m in the entertainment business, which is completely based on illusion and physical things. Any success I have is a manifestation of God.”

Andy Griffith
“I firmly believe in every situation, no matter how difficult, God extends grace greater than the hardship, and strength and peace of mind that can lead us to a place higher than we were before.”

Chuck Norris
“I definitely feel I do have God in my corner. I’ve been very fortunate that way. I am very spiritual. I’m a very religious person. There’s too many things in life for us to cope with without the faith of God.”