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CBD For Cats: Can Cats Have CBD Oil?

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If you clicked on this article, you either fall into one of two categories: 1) You have an anxious cat and want to see if CBD oil can help, or 2) You’re shocked that cats could take CBD and need to know more.

No matter who you are, your first question is probably “Is it safe to give a cat CBD oil?” The answer is yes, even cats can safely chill out with CBD.

For more answers to common questions regarding CBD for cats, keep reading.

What Is CBD?

Before we dive into the safety and benefits of CBD for cats, we should first establish what CBD is and where it comes from.

CBD’s proper name is cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is one of many naturally occurring compounds or cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants. There are a variety of extraction methods when it comes to CBD, the most common being through CO2 extraction. This method, put simply, entails supercritical CO2 effusing through plant matter with its gas properties, while its liquid properties extract the sought-after compounds. This method of extraction is thought to produce the most high-quality CBD oil, that can then be manufactured into a variety of products.

Will CBD get you or your cat high? No CBD won’t get you “high.” Not in the same way the cannabinoid THC, another naturally occurring compound most often associated with marijuana, can. Instead, CBD relaxes the body and mind without the psychoactive high. CBD products, when purchased from a reputable seller backed by third-party lab test results, should have less than .03% THC, the compound that will get you mentally high.

When you – or your cat – consume CBD it enters into the endocannabinoid system. Our endocannabinoid system interacts and controls our nervous system, impacting our mood and appetite. This direct interaction is how CBD can be so therapeutically beneficial, helping to eliminate free-radicals and maintain homeostasis.

Can Cats Have CBD Oil?

Since cats have an endocannabinoid system like us humans, CBD oil is safe for your furry friend too.

While CBD is generally safe for cats, there are some things to pay attention to. Here are some ingredients to avoid in any CBD oil or treats, as they can make your cat sick:

  • Caffeine
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Xylitol
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes/raisins
  • Onions/garlic

Along with the above additives, your cat’s digestive system can’t handle large doses of oil or fat. To combat this, choose a concentrated CBD oil so they get enough CBD without consuming too much fat.

Lastly, the price you pay for your CBD oil is going to be reflected in the quality. Try to purchase organic CBD oil that has been lap tested. This way, you can be assured that you are giving the cat the best quality CBD oil.

How Can Cats Benefit from CBD Oil?

Unless your cat is the picture of health, they could benefit from CBD oil. Here are some common reasons for giving a cat a dose of CBD oil.


Travel is stressful, especially for your pet. If your cat has trouble calming down on long car rides or plane trips, consider giving your cat CBD.

Before your trip, treat your cat to some CBD with some food. When the CBD gets into their system, they’ll noticeably calm down and hopefully even take a nap.

Pain from Arthritis or Other Joint Issues

As your cat gets older, they’ll may begin to suffer from arthritis or other joint issues. Make life more comfortable for your aging cat by giving them CBD.

CBD has natural anti-inflammatory qualities. While it might not cure your cat’s ailments, it will help their symptoms.

General Anxiety

Just like anxious humans take CBD to cope with general anxiety and stress, anxious cats can also benefit from CBD’s calming properties.

Some common signs of anxiety in cats are when they hold their ears back, tuck their tail, or hiding from others.

How Can I Give My Cat CBD Oil?

Unlike humans, cats can’t take a hit off a CBD vape pen (but imagine if they could). Nonetheless, giving you cat CBD is relatively painless.

Possibly the simplest way is to drop some CBD oil into their food. Unlike other medication and pills, your cat probably won’t even notice. Alternatively, you can cook up some CBD-infused edibles for your cat. When you make your own CBD treats with CBD oil, you can be sure they are getting the correct amount. Plus, edibles are an easy way to transport CBD.

Some cats don’t need any tricks to take their CBD. Your cat might even lick the oil straight out of their bowl!

How Much CBD Should I Give My Cat?

The weight of your cat will affect how much CBD they need. Typically, cats need 2-4mg per 10lbs of body weight. You can adjust their dose depending on how they react the first few times.

Cats need a higher dose of CBD than dogs, and this comes down to their anatomy. Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than cats, therefore dogs need less than cats to feel the same effect.

Are There Any Side Effects to CBD for Cats?

While your cat will most likely benefit from CBD, there is a slim chance of some negative side effects. Watch out for the following after giving you cat CBD:

  • Vomiting
  • Excessive drowsiness
  • Rash
  • Diarrhea
  • Itching more than usual

If any of the previously listed side effects occur, take your cat to the vet. Also take note of anything they have eaten recently, as well as other medications.

The problem could be either poor quality CBD, too high of a dose, or even something completely separate from the CBD itself. No matter what, stop use immediately until you see your vet.

Cats and CBD Oil

CBD for cats is a natural and safe way to help aid in your cat’s anxiety and pain. Invest in a good quality CBD oil and your cat will be feeling better in no time.

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