Psychic sisters who located body have visions of little Caylee Anthony struggling for last breath!

In her last moments of life, little Caylee Anthony fought bravely to survive as her mother Casey attacked in a fit of rage, and then realized she’d gone too far – accidentally suffocating her little girl.

That’s the shocking conclusion of two famed psychic sisters, Suzanne and Jean McKenzie Vincent, whose uncannily accurate visions helped pinpoint the location of Caylee’s final resting place – an abandoned, weed-strewn lot.

In October, two months before Caylee’s body was found, the Vincent sisters, working with Anthony family private investigator Dominic Casey, pinpointed the site with amazing detail – an abandoned lot near a school, surrounded by a chain-link fence, where trash and beer bottles were scattered.

The Pittsburgh-based psychics even predicted accurately that the body would be found inside a black plastic bag, along with a blanket.

Now the sisters have shared with investigators – and The ENQUIRER – their chilling visions of the scene where Caylee died, and both seers agree that Casey did not act alone.

"Casey was packing to visit a boyfriend," Suzanne told The ENQUIRER. "She was in the bedroom of her parents’ house with Caylee, who was throwing a fit – not wanting her mother to leave.

"We believe Casey had been giving her something – cough syrup, perhaps – to sedate her, but it wasn’t working. Finally, Casey snapped.

"In a rage, she puts her hand over Caylee’s mouth. When that doesn’t shut her up, she covers her mouth, either with the duct tape later found on the body or with a pillow.

"Suddenly, she realizes that Caylee is not moving. She checks – Caylee is dead! She panics – she puts Caylee in a laundry bag, and puts that bag into a plastic bag which she places in the car trunk."

Picking up the chilling vision, Suzanne told The ENQUIRER: "Eventually, late at night, Casey called someone to help her dispose of the body – a male with brown eyes, brown hair, about 5-foot-10, who loved Casey and would do anything for her."