Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Terrifying Collapse!

Catherine zeta jones splash square

This dazed street person is Oscar-winning actress CATHERINE ZETA-JONES – caught having a devastating emotional breakdown in eye-popping exclusive photos!

The shocking sight now has her superstar husband, MICHAEL DOUGLAS, trying to save both his marriage and his wife – just two years after Catherine fled to a mental health facility to treat her bipolar disorder!

“Catherine looked haggard and miserable,” said a concerned spywitness who found the “Chicago” star slumped on a filthy Manhattan staircase.

“She appeared at the end of her rope, and is clearly battling a lot of issues!”

Only a week after The National ENQUIRER caught Catherine’s sad display on June 10, the actress, 45, was accompanying Michael and their children – Dylan, 14, and Carys, 12 – on a trip to Israel.

“Michael had to insist she come along,” revealed an insider. “He said it would be good for Catherine to get away from New York – but Michael was really worried about leaving her on her own. He’s terrified that she’ll start mixing her psychiatric meds with her cocktails!”

Catherine committed herself for psychiatric treatment in April 2013, as The ENQUIRER first revealed. At the time, the high-profile Hollywood couple was in the midst of a marriage meltdown.

“Michael’s really worried about her,” explained the source. “She has reactions from her meds, and issues with keeping her anger in check. She flies off the handle at the smallest thing.

“Catherine’s unhappy in her showbiz career, too. She hasn’t had a big movie since ‘Chicago’ back in 2002. She’s really shattered over no one offering her big movie roles!”

The ENQUIRER has confirmed she hasn’t appeared in a movie since “Red 2” in 2013.

That all puts an added strain on Michael, 25 years her senior, and who has also faced his own medical crisis as a tongue cancer survivor.

“He cares for the kids to take the stress off her,” revealed the friend, “but Catherine’s in a funk that she can’t escape from.”

The pal added: “The marriage continues to hang precariously between the two, and there’s no telling when Michael will say enough is enough.

“It’s clear that Catherine needs to get her act together. These photos are the least of it!”