Casey Kasem Wanted To Divorce His ‘Sick, Twisted’ Wife!

Casey kasem short

CASEY KASEM confided that he desperately wanted to leave his wife, Jean, who bullied him into giving her control of his $80 million estate!

That’s the bombshell claim of the late DJ’s daughter Kerri, who told The National ENQUIRER: “Jean tortured my father in his final days. Towards the end, he talked about divorcing her, but he was too sick to go through with it.

“I also have information that my father’s old housekeeper witnessed Jean screaming at him to sign the legal documents giving her control over his estate!”

The L.A. district attorney’s office declined to charge Jean with elder abuse, despite the request of Casey’s children.

Now they plan to ask officials in Washington state, where their father died, to prosecute Jean.

Private eye Logan Clarke, working on behalf of Kerri, told The ENQUIRER: “Jean Kasem is a sick, twisted, narcissistic woman.”