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Most Hated Mom Casey Anthony Has A New Job!

You won’t believe what the accused murderer is doing with kids…

Casey Anthony Killer Mom New Job

Four years after beating the rap for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, America’s “Most Hated Mom” Casey Anthony will be shooting professional photos of children — illegally!

The 29-year-old has launched a business called Case Photography in an upscale West Palm Beach, Fla., neighborhood.

But she’ll be breaking the law because she’s failed to file the necessary paperwork and pay the fees for a home-based business!

“She needs to get the Home Occupation Affidavit and business license,” said city planning official Angella Vann.

Casey will work out of the home of 67-year-old private investigator Patrick J. McKenna, the lead investigator on her defense team.He played a key role in her 2011 acquittal that shocked and horrified the nation.

Prosecutors charged Casey coldly applied duct tape to Caylee’s nose and mouth and suffocated the helpless child so she could go out partying.

She got off after her lawyer claimed the girl drowned in a pool.

But the acquittal didn’t convince Angella, who said: “Yeah, we think she did it.”

Her new neighbors also believe she escaped justice.

One wrote on the “Casey Anthony Boycott” Facebook page: “I would like to do a drive-by and see her ass outside. I may accidentally hit that bitch and drive around with her body in my car for a week!”

Casey, who was convicted of lying to cops, has worked as a housekeeper for one of her lawyers in nearby Longwood, Fla.

“With all the death threats, Casey’s kept a low profile — she’s trying to move on with her life,” her pal told The National ENQUIRER.

But Angella said she’ll find herself in legal hot water if she continues to snap her kiddie photos without the proper license.

“She might have dodged a murder rap,” said one city official. “But she can’t beat City Hall.”