Accused murder mom CASEY ANTHONY’s dad and ex-BF took the stand today testifying there was no smell of decay – human or otherwise – in the trunk of her car.

As The ENQUIRER reported previously prosecution plans to call experts to testify that analysis of the air in Anthony’s trunk was consistent with human decomposition. 

This was a key issue during the crucial pre-trial hearings to determine what would be considered admissible before the jurors.

But today, Casey's father testified that he did not smell human decay when she opened her car trunk in his presence — eight days after her daughter Caylee died in June 2008.

"The only smell I had was the smell of gas," George Anthony told the jurors.

Then, Casey's ex-BF Tony Lazzaro testified again that he also had noticed only a gas smell coming from the trunk.

Both times, Casey had opened her car trunk in full view of each man's sight to put in or remove two used gas cans.

Defense attorney Jose Baez had fought unsuccessfully to keep the unusual air analysis out of the courtroom on the grounds that it is scientifically “unproven”.

The ENQUIRER has learned that legal experts consider this issue a major point for appeal if Casey is found guilty in the sensational death-penalty murder trial.