Spare Some Change?

Cary Grant Was A Cheapskate

The suave star of the silver screen pinched his pennies!

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Cary Grant was adored by millions of love-struck female fans — but in real life, the snooty “North by Northwest” hunk was the cheapest man in Tinseltown!

According to Australian-born designer pal Orry-Kelly — who once shared an apartment with a then-unknown Archibald Leach (Cary’s birth name) — the snobbish star “didn’t want to associate with folks who’d known him before he was famous!”

In his just-released book, “Women I’ve Undressed,” the late Orry, who won an Oscar for “An American in Paris,” reveals British-born Cary handed him a $360.48 bill for bar and dinner tabs he’d picked up during their lean years.

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Furious, Orry paid off his friend — and Cary took the dough without a blink.

The designer also recalled Cary offering his “His Girl Friday” co-star Rosalind Russell use of his spare Rolls-Royce.

“She looked pleased until Grant added: ‘Call my agents. They will give you the rental fee and cost of the chauffeur!’”