Despite pap snaps of MARIA SHRIVER & estranged hubby ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER wearing their wedding rings, CAROLINE KENNEDY is determined to send “The Terminator” back to the scrap heap!

The ENQUIRER has learned that the princess of the Kennedy clan is furious that her cousin Maria Shriver is ready to take back her philandering husband Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Caroline, 54, is leading the charge among her family members to make sure that Maria, 56, doesn’t give in and forgive the former California governor.

“Caroline has been Maria’s harshest critic, saying, ‘Don’t do it, Maria. Don’t be a fool. Once a cheater, always a cheater,’ ” a Kennedy clan insider said.

In May 2011, Arnold, who has reignited his acting career, was engulfed in a shocking scandal after it was revealed he had fathered a child by the couple’s housekeeper.

Just six weeks later, a humiliated Maria filed for divorce. But now it appears Maria may be having second thoughts about calling it quits for good. “Arnold has always said Maria would for¬give him and take him back – and she’s close to doing it,” divulged the insider.

“A combination of Arnold lavishing gifts on her, courting her at family dinners, spending Christmas and Christmas Eve with her, and the kids begging her to change her mind and call off the divorce has her seriously contemplating reconciliation.

“But the reaction of Maria’s other relatives has been shock and horror – and the most vocal opponents include Maria’s four brothers and cousin Caroline. They are warning her that she is just asking for more heartbreak and devastation.

“The Kennedys have told Maria to her face that she is foolish to fall for Arnold’s charm and charisma again. They believe that he will just go back to his old tricks, old lies and cheating ways in no time.

“They are incredibly angry and exasperated by her blindness.”

Despite Arnold’s pleas for forgiveness, the Kennedy relatives remain united in their opposition to reconciliation.

“Arnold is crushed,” added another friend.

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