Caroline Kennedy & Barack Obama Busted

Caroline kennedy barrack busted ne short

First Lady Michelle Obama exploded in fury when Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg crashed her family’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation and made off with her “Commander-in-Cheat” husband, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

Caroline – President Barack Obama’s appointed U.S. ambassador to Japan – showed up out of the blue during the last week of the Obamas’ two-week vacation on the Massachusetts island.

And it wasn’t long until she had Barack’s complete attention!

“He immediately started flirting up a storm, while Michelle could barely keep her temper in check,” a snitch told The ENQUIRER. “Even though both their families were there, it was really intense.

“At one point later, Barack ‘jokingly’ suggested to Caroline that the two go skinny-dipping!

“While they didn’t end up swimming nude, Barack and Caroline did sneak off to talk politics over lunch and swam in the ocean with the rest of the group. Before the day was over, Michelle was seething and furious. After they returned to their rented compound, she lit into Barack and read him the riot act.”

The marital blowup was the latest to rock the couple, who are expected to square off in a $100 million divorce once Barack leaves the White House after his second and final term in office in January 2017, sources said.

The ENQUIRER learned that only days before the very-married Caroline interrupted their vacation, a defiant Barack had ditched his wedding ring!

Photos obtained by The ENQUIRER show the Prez was missing his band when he was spotted at the golf course.

Adding insult to injury for Michelle, he happened to be playing with former “Horndog-in-Chief” Bill Clinton on Aug. 15 at Farm Neck Golf Club in Oak Bluffs, Mass.

So it was par for the course when Caroline, 57, and Barack, 54, put their heads together at Martha’s Vineyard – and Michelle lost hers.

“Michelle barely uttered a word to Caroline,” a family insider told The ENQUIRER. “She doesn’t trust her. And the few times she glanced Caroline’s way, she shot her daggers.”

This wasn’t the first time Caroline made Michelle see red.

The ENQUIRER exclusively reported last year that Michelle, 51, went ballistic over a cheating scandal that erupted when Barack was in Japan.

When the First Lady saw photos of her husband and Caroline looking cozy – and sharing a kiss – she blew her top.

Later, Michelle warned Caroline in no uncertain terms to stay away from her husband!

The source added: “Michelle wants Barack to send Caroline back to far-off Tokyo – or beyond!”