Candice bergen 3

Nearly 10 years after surviving back-to-back medical crises, sitcom queen CANDICE BERGEN remains paranoid about her health.

The 68-year-old “Murphy Brown” and “Boston Legal” star is “still living in fear” and vigilantly monitors her health, according to sources.

“Candice is super health-conscious,” said an insider. “She never misses a checkup, and will go to the doctor at the first sign of any trouble.”

As The National ENQUIRER has reported, the actress – daughter of famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen – endured a cancer nightmare and then a near-fatal stroke in 2006.

Candice, then 60, was forced to undergo a painful biopsy after doctors detected a spot on her thyroid gland.

The cancer drama terrified Candice and her husband, real estate magnate Marshall Rose.

Happily, the test came back negative. But three months later, Candice collapsed after she began to feel dizzy and weak, and was struck by an excruciating headache.

She was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where doctors determined she’d suffered a stroke, and worked feverishly to save the five-time Emmy winner.

During a six-hour procedure, doctors found that one or more clots were blocking blood flow to her brain, and removed the clots noninvasively, a source said at the time.

“Candice is well past those medical crises, but not a day goes by when she doesn’t count her blessings, and she’s very vigilant when it comes to her health,” said a pal.

Late in 2014, Candice wrapped up a run on Broadway, after co-starring with Alan Alda in a revival of “Love Letters.” She’s also penned a memoir, “A Fine Romance.”

“Candice plans to be around for a long time,” added the friend. “She’s determined to make it to 70 – and beyond.”