Camilla Parker Bowles Demands Divorce From ‘Loser’ Charles

Parker Bowles has had enough!


Booze-fueled Camilla has dumped her hapless husband, Prince Charles, cruelly taunting him, “You’re a loser! You lost us the crown!”

And in a shocking showdown, the Duchess of Cornwall demanded a fast divorce — and $175 million IN CASH!

“This was the fight to end all fights,” said a royal insider. “Camilla’s been seething since the Queen bypassed her and Charles, and handed the Crown to Prince William and his wife, Kate.

“It was just a matter of time before Camilla exploded!

“Her drinking’s out of control — that’s why Her Majesty wants to prevent her becoming Queen. But Camilla blames it all on Charles!

“She’s been drowning her sorrows with gin and tonics and wine. She’s hardly ever without a glass in her hand.

“And she finally erupted in a face-to-face confrontation.”

Furious that Charles, 67, didn’t stand up to his 89-year-old, ailing mother, Queen Elizabeth, Camilla, 68, blasted, “You’re a sniveling coward! “You’re not man enough to be King. You ruined our chances to rule — and you’re going to pay for it!”

The Duchess demanded a divorce and an immediate $175 million cash payoff, says the insider.

“She said she refuses to stay in a sham marriage,” the source added. “She wants to get on with her life — without Charles — but with money to burn!”

But Charles is desperately begging his wife of 10 years to reconsider.

“Don’t leave me!” he pleaded. “I’ll get her to change her mind.”

“But Camilla won’t listen,” said the insider. “Barring some miracle, she’s hell-bent on leaving.”