Fellow Transsexuals Livid Over Caitlyn Jenner’s Pancake-Makeup Magazine Cover!

Caitlyn jenner advocate controversy

Caitlyn Jenner made it to the cover of the popular magazine The Advocate — but a lot of the gay magazine’s readership is not amused!

“She’s a joke!” wrote one outraged reader in a comment to the lengthy piece about the Advocate cover girl.

“A pathetic reality star. She should disappear with the rest of her ex skanky clan!”

The former Bruce Jenner has a lot of outraged gays complaining about The Advocate‘s seeming endorsement, partly because Caitlyn refuses to change her political beliefs as a Republican.

Said one angry reader: “My issue with Caitlyn is her insistence that she will vote for the GOP this year…how can she vote for a party that is against the entire LGBT community and women in general?”

Another angry transgendered sister declared: “Jenner is no good for the majority of us. Just because she WAS famous, married into and again became famous, then plastered her expensively purchased body all over the place doesn’t make her deserving of accolades and universal praise!”

Caitlyn even tries to address her controversial presence as America’s most famous transgendered woman — saying in the cover story: “The media has kind of labeled me as the spokesperson for the trans community.

“That is not the case. I am only a spokesperson for my own journey.

“After that I know nothing. Am I learning a lot? Absolutely.”

Caitlyn hasn’t learned enough to please a lot of detractors, though, with many mocking her saying in the article: “I know there’s more to being a woman than hair and makeup.”

The Advocate should’ve known better than to promote a transgendered person who relies on makeup for a heterosexual standard of beauty,” complained one NYC activist.

“No self-respecting gay publication would put a woman on the cover who slathered on that much makeup for a photo shoot!

“Next, they’ll just be putting a Kardashian on the cover!”