Butter-Lovin’ Paula Deen Dancing With Danger!

Paula Deen

Chef Paula Deen is high-stepping onto the new season of “Dancing with the Stars” -– but the move could be a recipe for disaster!

Medical experts regard prancing Paula’s unhealthy past as a potential ticking time bomb. Dr. Patrick Wanis worried the celebrity chef had only three years to live when The National ENQUIRER contacted him in 2012.

“Paula might only live to be 68!” Dr. Wanis said.

Frighteningly, that is Paula’s age now! The butter-lovin’ chef smoked for decades and is battling type 2 diabetes.

“It increases the risk of heart disease, kidney failure and stroke,” Dr. Daniel Lorber told The ENQUIRER.

If things don’t change, Paula’s last dance might well be in front of a live studio audience!