ROSEANNE BARR is giving herself a booty-ful belated birthday present – a sexy new butt!

The foul-mouthed funnylady, who turned 61 on Nov. 3, is planning to go under the knife for butt-lift surgery. It’s a gift, she’s telling pals, for both herself AND her younger beau, Johnny Argent.

“Roseanne ran into an old friend a couple of weeks ago who was looking fabulous,” an insider revealed. “Roseanne was shocked and demanded to know what she’d been doing to look so great.”

When the friend explained she’d had plastic surgery to transform her tush, Roseanne was sold.

“She insisted that she was going to have the same thing done…pronto!” said the insider. “Roseanne said she wants to ring in the new year with a new, uplifted, tighter booty.”

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, who has not worked on Roseanne, told The ENQUIRER that the type of surgery the comedian will most likely undergo involves cutting out the excess skin of the upper buttocks and lifting the buttocks higher.

This isn’t the first time Roseanne has opted for plastic surgery. In 1993, the comedy queen told The ENQUIRER that she’d had her tummy flattened and had undergone thigh and butt reductions. She also admitted to having a nose job and breast reduction surgery. She later admitted she had the procedures to make her former hubby, Tom Arnold, happy – and that she had some regrets.

The insider added: “Roseanne believes this time it will be different because she’s doing it for the right reasons – to pick up her droopy butt!”