Brooke Shields is suffering from a case of the baby blues!

As with many new moms, the reality of caring for a newborn day in, day out has sunk in — and the 38-year-old actress is in a funk.

“Brooke loves her daughter Rowan with all her heart, but she’s not enjoying motherhood as much as she thought she would,” a source close to the “Suddenly Susan” star disclosed.

“Brooke’s even seeing a therapist to help with it.

“She says she’s caught up in terrific mood swings and is overwhelmed by all the pressure and responsibility of being a new parent.

“Brooke has even hired a full-time baby nurse — something she swore she would never do — who accompanies her and Rowan almost everywhere.

“It’s kind of ridiculous because the whole idea of having a nurse is to give the mother some free time.”

Brooke gave birth on May 15 to her and her writer-producer husband Chris Henchy’s 7 1/2-pound baby girl at the New York University Medical Center after 18 hours of labor.

And now Brooke is telling friends she’s anxious to return to work, said the close source.

“She’s still trying to lose the last 10 pounds she put on with her pregnancy.

“And she’s signed on to do a small Canadian movie that begins filming in the fall.

“At the moment she and Chris are in their Los Angeles house while he’s busy with his new ABC sitcom ‘I’m With Her.’

“She says she can’t wait to get back on the set.

“Brooke wants to be her glamorous old self, although that isn’t easy when you’re a harried new mom.

“But Brooke says her therapist and her friends are reassuring her that every new mom goes through some of the same anxieties.

“Those close to Brooke are predicting that in only a short time she’ll be back to her old self — and able to enjoy motherhood the way she once dreamed of.”