One More Time!

Britney Spears’ Secret Wedding Plans For Marriage #3

Marrying boytoy dancer – and buying her own engagement ring!

britney spears & sam asghari

Britney Spears is set to wed boytoy Sam Asghari — and The ENQUIRER has the scoop on the exclusive details!

The 35-year-old twice-divorced pop tart, will propose to 23-year-old Sam, and they’ll tie the knot before her Las Vegas residency ends Dec. 31!

“Since Sam would be spending her money, Britney is buying her own engagement ring,” a snitch spilled. “The wedding will be butterfly-themed, and monarchs will be released when they exchange vows.”

The unlikely couple met when Britney hired Sam as a back-up dancer for a music video.

“They’re choreographing their first dance, which will play out the story of how they met,” dished the source.

Britney Spears Heats Up Hawaii On Vacation

The “Toxic” singer and mom of two is keeping the date under wraps, but the guest list is huge!

“Britney wants to invite dancers, staffers and her entire Vegas squad, as well as family and friends,” the mole explained.

Brit’s little sis, Jamie Lynn, will host the bachelorette party in her backyard, a barbeque hayride with fat-freezing spa treatments and teeth whitening, squealed the mole.

Britney has also decided to quit her Vegas gig to have another baby!

“She’s been seeing a fertility expert in Louisiana and is even saying she’s keen for twins!” the snitch tattled.