Time Traveler!

Britney Spears’ Plan To Freeze Herself In The Future

Singer wants to be brought back to life by science!

britney spears
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Britney Spears is planning her greatest comeback yet — the “Toxic” singer wants her body cryogenically frozen so doctors can zap her back to life once medical science gains the ability to do so!

“Brit wants to live forever, and the more stories that emerge of this growing industry, the more fascinated she is,” a pal told The National ENQUIRER.

After doing extensive cryogenics research, the mother of two — who is still under a strict conservatorship — reached out to her lawyer and her father, Jamie Spears, to discuss her afterlife options. Much to her annoyance, her dad couldn’t keep a straight face when she brought it up!

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“She really wants to do it, but there’s just one problem — her dad thinks it’s all baloney,” whispered the friend. “He thinks it’s a crazy idea and she’d be better off giving the money to her kids instead. He even made jokes about how she’ll look like Elsa from ‘Frozen.’ ”

35-year-old Britney dismissed Jamie’s teasing — and wants to proceed with her plans anyway, by having her lawyer look into it on her behalf. “She’s certainly got the money to do it!” the buddy added.