From Hero To Zero: Bristol Palin Shamed As Marine Baby Daddy Demands Child Support

Bristol palin child support wide

Bristol Palin is facing an all-new disgrace as her formerly-heroic Marine fiancee files a custody claim on their out-of-wedlock baby — and even makes a grab for child support!

“Going for a guy who’s trying to squeeze money out of her is an all-new low for Bristol,” said a media insider.

“Nobody’s every going to trust her judgment after this!”

Bristol announced that she was pregnant just weeks after her planned May wedding to Dakota Meyer — a decorated military hero — was abruptly canceled amidst rumors that he had never divorced his first wife.

Dakota didn’t acknowledge that baby Sailor Grace was his daughter, however, until the child’s birth on December 23!

Now he’s filed legal documents seeking joint-custody of the 3-week-old, while also seeking child-support payments from Bristol!

The new mom’s rep, David Martin, sniffed: “My values are such that a real American hero doesn’t ask for child support.”


Meanwhile, Sarah declared that Dakota had gone to court simply to “save face” — and claimed that they hadn’t heard from Bristol’s ex-fiancé throughout Bristol’s pregnancy.

The daughter of political icon Sarah Palin has already been a controversial figure, having first been knocked up as a 18-year-old by her Alaskan boyfriend Levi Johnston!

Levi would go on to embarrass the Palin family by pursuing a modeling career and writing a tell-all book!

Bristol endured some ridicule as an advocate for abstinence as teen birth control, but began to build her own empire as a lifestyle guru and contestant on “Dancing With The Stars.”

“This has to be the end of Bristol’s career as any kind of pundit or lifestyle expert,” said the D.C. source.

“It’s one thing to get pregnant while you’re engaged, but this is twice that Bristol’s shown really lousy judgment in men!”