Happy happy joy joy family photo ops for Brangie and spawn in Venice — and yet?

Reports claims the pix that show Brad Pitt and companion Angelina Jolie are being staged "like a military operation" to quash the many rumors swirling around the superstars’ marriage, according to the NY POST.

Billy-goated Brad and too-thing Angie have stridently denied tales of any bust-up have been seen snapped daily along with the Brangie Brood as a family unit in the romantic city of Venice where La Jolie is lensing  The Tourist with Johnny Depp.

"They are usually very shy about being photo graphed, but now they’re mak ing a point of being seen in public as a happy family unit," a spy-witness divulged to the tab

"They’re making a statement. They want the world to know the reports are wrong and they are strong."

Of course, one picture IS better than a thousand pages of legal docs.