After witnessing what JOSH BROLIN  described as a “bizarre” scene of JOHN TRAVOLTA  performing a hands-on healing of MARLON  BRANDO at a Scientology Celeb Center, the True Grit star decided Xenu worship was not for him. reports that Brolin’s anecdote is but one part of an extraordinary expose about Scientology in latest ish of The New Yorker magazine.

The article is primarily about acclaimed producer/director/writer Paul Haggis‘ decision to quit Scientology after 34 years; a public falling out that sent tremors through the church.

Brolin recalled that as he was checking out Scientology he went to the Celebrity Center in Los Angeles and took part in “auditing” sessions.

He was then included in a dinner party where John Travolta and Marlon Brando were also guests.

Brando arrived with a painful cut on his leg, Brolin said, and Travolta offered to help, saying he’d just “reached a new level” of Scientology.

He put his hand over the injured area and Brando closed his eyes.

“I watched this process going on – it was very physical,” Brolin recounted.  “I was thinking, ‘this is (effing) bizarre!’

Then after 10 minutes, Brando opens his eyes and says, ‘That really helped’.”

Travolta’s rep told the mag the incident never occurred but Brolin has stuck to his guns AND his story.

Brando still remains dead, however.