Scott Eastwood
Keep your shirt on! That's the advice Brad Pitt had up his sleeve for Clint Eastwood's 27-year-old son Scott, who hopes to become a major Hollywood star.
Brad, 50, has been mentoring several young actors on the set of "Fury," his new World War II thriller. At first, he focused on 27-year-old "Transformers" star Shia LaBeouf. But after Shia accidentally smacked Brad in the face with the smoking-hot barrel of a machine gun while fooling around on the set, a source says Pitt turned his attention toward Scott, who's the spitting image of his superstar dad.
"Being a longtime hunk, Brad is an expert on how to rise above the label of being a pretty boy actor," said an insider. "And he's advised Scott to ditch the beefcake photos and work on his acting skills.
"He told Scott to hunker down, get some acting chops and pick his film projects carefully."
While filming in England, Brad was dubbed "The Professor" by younger cast members including Shia, Logan Lerman, 21, and former male model Eastwood.
"Brad was a father figure for the younger guys and gave them lots of pointers on the ins and outs of show business," said the source.
The seasoned veteran took extra pains with Clint's talented son, advising him on his career path while they shot the action-packed film about a tank crew on a dangerous mission behind Nazi lines.
Brad has won the respect of the young stars, including hot-tempered Shia.
Said the source: "Despite their little dustup, Shia considers Brad his role model."