Hunky HANGOVER star BRADLEY COOPER‘s stunning admission – he skipped out on his own graduation ceremony for some steamy gay action!

Coop was forced to explain his absence from his university graduation ceremony during a a TV interview with James Lipton of Inside the Actor’s Studio.

 Cooper told Lipton, his former dean at Pace University, why he skipped  donning the traditional hat and gown in favor of a gay love scene.

As Lipton broiled Cooper under the glare of a spotlight, he grilled his former charge, "Ten years ago as dean, I was handing out diplomas and I noticed you were missing from your graduation ceremony.

"Where were you?!"

"I was having sex with Michael Ian Black in a sports shed in Wet Hot American Summer," Cooper admitted.

The 2001 sex cult comedy will no doubt come into play during the academic dissertation of Cooper’s checkered career when Inside the Actor’s Studio airs.