Not Pampered!

Bradley Cooper Caught In Diaper Dilemma

'American Sniper' stud responds to call of ... duty!

bradley cooper father diaper crisis

Dapper dad Bradley Cooper found himself in state of emergency during an outing with his one-year-old daughter, Lea —  when he realized he’d forgotten to bring diapers!

Giving baby mama Irina Shayk a mommy break, the A-list hunk happily took on daddy duty — but freaked when he discovered he didn’t have any fresh diapers.

“The movie star was running down the aisles at Gelson’s Market in Pacific Palisades, desperately pleading: ‘Where are the diapers — I need diapers,’” a gabby grocer told a source for The National ENQUIRER.

Bradley Cooper Blowing Big Bucks On Staff Of Yes-Men!

“Grabbing a pack of nappies, harried Bradley raced to the express lane — like his life depended on it!”