MOVE over, Daniel Craig! Brad Pitt thinks eldest son Maddox has what it takes to be the next James Bond.

Sources tell The National ENQUIRER that the 13-year-old wannabe actor – who played a zombie in his dad’s megaflick “World War Z” – is so desperate to be an action star that he’s been obsessively working out.

“He’s got a six-pack you could grate a carrot on!” said a family insider. “Brad’s told pals he thinks Maddox has got the right tough-guy attitude to make an amazing James Bond one day.”

Maddox has been taking acting and improv lessons with some of Brad’s most trusted employees.

“As far as Brad and Angelina are concerned, he’s a total natural. They wouldn’t be encouraging him if that wasn’t the case,” added the source.

Brad’s been actively looking for the right script for Maddox for well over a year now, explained the insider.

“He’s bought up a couple already,” said the source, “but Brad’s very wary of exposing Maddox too young.”