Angelina Jolie has stunned Brad Pitt with a shocking ultimatum over their future together. In a showdown between Hollywood’s hottest couple, the devoted mom told Brad that her children — Maddox, four, and six-month-old Zahara — will always be hers.

It left the actor so distraught, sources say, that he reached out to estranged wife Jennifer Aniston for advice.

According to a source close to Angelina, it was just one of a list of demands the 30-year-old made to Brad — even before his divorce to Aniston is finalized.

Coming just weeks after Angelina moved into Brad’s Malibu mansion with her children, it is the clearest sign yet that she has set her sights on the actor as her third husband.

Said an insider: “Angelina has been married twice and she likes being married — it gives her a feeling of security. And she’d like her children to have a steady father figure.

“The problem is, she’s jumping the gun. Brad’s probably still reeling from the collapse of his marriage to Jennifer.

“He must have been stunned that Angelina had planned out everything she wants and needs out of a long-term, live-in relationship with him. He must have felt as if she was already assuming that they were headed for marriage — when Brad is still far away from committing.”

The source said that Brad, 41, was so taken back that he spoke to Jennifer about it — and she warned him not to sign any document Angelina prepares without consulting his lawyer first.

“Jennifer has accepted that her marriage to Brad is over — but I think she still harbors deep resentment toward Angelina,” said the source. “I bet she doesn’t trust her and she can’t want her and Brad to end up together.”

Angelina’s demands also had to do with protecting her financial interests. According to the source, she is demanding that she will maintain at least one separate residence at all times of their “union” to use for “spiritual retreats and solitude.” “Brad was probably very uneasy about this,” said the source. “He’s a real family man and believes in closeness.

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