Brad Pitt’s Midlife Madness!

Brads midlife crisis ne short

Hollywood leading man Brad Pitt is mired in a major crisis that has insiders worried about his mental health and his marriage to Angelina Jolie, The National ENQUIRER can reveal!

The workaholic actor barely talks to any of his old pals and makes a habit of hitting the bottle by himself, said a source concerned that Brad is on the verge of a crack-up.

“He’s extremely grumpy and withdrawn; all he wants to do these days is drink alone or work himself into the ground,” said the source.

Brad showed up on a London set recently with two of his kids and looked much older than his 51 years — partially because he dyed his signature blond hair silver for his role in the movie “War Machine.”

The role is perfect for a man seeking to break out of mid-life doldrums: Brad plays a badass U.S. army general with a lethal reputation.

But his off-screen behavior lacks maturity, said the source.

“Sure, he takes care of the kids — but they’re the only people he wants to be around these days,” the insider told The ENQUIRER, not long after Brad brought his 7-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, to the set of his new movie.

“He’s dumped his friends, rarely communicates with his family, and it’s hard to remember the last time he took Ang out on a date,” added the insider.

Pals cannot help but wonder if Brad’s most recent project with Angelina, the film “By the Sea” — which she directed — has stirred up painful emotions for the heartthrob actor.

The movie follows a couple as they travel to France for a vacation in a last-ditch effort to save their fractured marriage.

Angelina, 40, has already admitted the project was potentially dangerous for the married actors.

“It’s not the safest idea, but life is short,” she said in an interview. “Brad and I have our issues, but if the characters were even remotely close to our problems we couldn’t have made the film.

“As artists, we wanted something that took us out of our comfort zones.”

But Brad’s troubling, antisocial behavior toward everyone but his kids isn’t an act, said the source, bemoaning the fact that loner Brad won’t accept help from those closest to him.

“Everyone’s worried about Brad,” the insider confided, “but he pushes people away.”