Brad Pitt Grossing Out Kids With His Smoking

A-lister can’t quit his unsavory habit.

Brad Pitt Smoking Outof Window and Inset of His Kids
MEGA; Getty Images

Chain-smoking Brad Pitt can’t kick his nicotine addiction — and sources say it’s freaking out his kids!

The 55-year-old hunk has been caught firing up while promoting a movie in Cannes and at an art fest in Venice.

“Brad was vaping for a while, but lately he’s been smoking up to two packs a day, and no one’s more worried than his six kids with ex Angelina Jolie,” spills a spy.

“They’re all extremely health-conscious and have been taught smoking is terrible, even though both Brad and Angie have smoked off and on. “Angie quit a few years back, but Brad hasn’t. His attitude is he’s given up booze and weed so let him have this one vice.”