Easy Rider!

Brad Pitt’s Secret Pick-Up Line

Single star back to meeting gals!

brad pitt dating divorce

Brad Pitt is newly single and racing around town with a neat trick to meet new gals!

The superstar is using his actual first name, William, while out hitting on babes in the wake of his brutal divorce from Angelina Jolie.

A spy caught the movie star zooming up to L.A.’s Coffee Commissary on his motorcycle while clad in a leather jacket, jeans and sunglasses.

He then quickly struck up a conversation with a blonde waiting in line.

“Hi, I’m William,” Brad reportedly whispered.

The hottie replied, “Oh, you look like a Bradley.”

“Well,” he admitted with a smile and a wink, “that’s my middle name.”

Said the snitch: “He didn’t fool her a bit, but she was too gaga to care!”