Brad Pitt’s Brush With Death On Scientology Course

He quit dangerous detox sessions in nick of time, source claims.

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Brad Pitt narrowly escaped death after getting entangled in Scientology and undertaking one of their most grueling courses, a former church member has claimed!

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star was reportedly sucked into the sci-fi religion by his ex-girlfriend Juliette Lewis, and completed two of their low-level courses in 1991 and 1993.

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Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt in 1992. Photo: Shutterstock

But Scientology defector Samantha Domingo told how Brad also endured their purification rundown — a highly controversial detox technique that claims to help people sweat out their “toxins.”

“Juliette got in trouble at the time because she got back into drugs,” Samantha told The National ENQUIRER.

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Samantha (Sam) Domingo, former member of the Church of Scientology speaks out against the Church’s practices. Photo: Shutterstock

“She was in my course group but refused to study.” Meanwhile, she said, Brad was spending hours a day under grueling conditions!

“Brad was doing that purification rundown. He was in the sweat box,” she said.

“It’s a program where they basically load you up with vitamins and you sit in the sauna and sweat for five hours a day.”

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Brad – now sober – has previously admitted to a problem with alcohol and was likely doing the program to help with that. During a rundown, Scientologists allegedly stay inside suffocating sweat lodges for hours a day – for up to five weeks!

Scientists have widely debunked the idea that humans can remove the body’s impurities by sweating them out.

A Scientology spokesperson denied Samantha’s account, calling it “false claims.”

Ex-Scientologists have claimed purification rundowns have left them weak and unable to complete everyday tasks, such as housework.

In 1991, the parents of Christopher Arbuckle, who died at age 25, filed a suit that blamed the Church of Scientology, led by David Miscavige, for his death.
The case was reportedly settled out of court.

Brad — a father to six with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie — was spared further harm because he doesn’t appear to have completed the course and bailed on the organization shortly afterward.

“They weren’t able to keep Brad,” noted Samantha. “He left.”

Now 55, Brad grew up in a strict Christian household, but has since renounced religion.