THERE are the photos (in this week’s ENQUIRER) guaranteed to strike fear in the heart of Jennifer Aniston — her hubby Brad Pitt and man-eating actress Angelina Jolie getting cozy on the set of their upcoming film, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

The too-gorgeous-to-look-at stars were rehearsing on location in a downtown Los Angeles hotel when these dynamic pictures were snapped.

“The chemistry between Brad and Angelina was obvious,” an eyewitness confided.

“At one point they gently touched each other’s hands.

“Later, Brad took Angelina’s hand in his and guided it behind his waist.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

“Well, if I were Jennifer, these photos would certainly make me the most jealous woman in the world!”

In the film, 40-year-old Brad and lush-lipped Angelina, 28, play a married couple who are assassins assigned to kill each other.

But it’s love, not murder, that strikes fear in Jennifer’s heart!

“Jennifer must have been dreading this film collaboration between Brad and Angelina since day one,” said a friend of Brad and Jennifer.

“Her insecurities stem back to her childhood.

“Jennifer was only 9 when her father, actor John Aniston, walked out on her and her mother for another woman.”

Twice-divorced Angelina has previously carried on intimate relationships with her leading men.

She married two of her costars — Jonny Lee Miller of “Hackers” and Billy Bob Thornton of “Pushing Tin.”

The Oscar-winning beauty was also romantically linked to Olivier Martinez — her co-star in the upcoming film “Taking Lives,” and Nicolas Cage, who she starred with in “Gone in 60 Seconds.”

Irish-born actor Colin Farrell also reportedly fell for Angelina recently while they filmed “Alexander” in Morocco.

Meanwhile, 34-year-old Jennifer has her heart set on starting a family with her hunky hubby, even though they are one of the busiest and most talented couples in Hollywood right now.

As Brad shoots his movie with Angelina, Jennifer has been in demand and in tears — crying after saying goodbye to 10 years of “Friends” and also leading the movie box office with the comedy “Along Came Polly.”